Angelite, Moonstone and Double Terminated Quartz Long Beaded Hand Knotted  Necklace

30 inches

These DT Necklaces are so powerful as they enhance the healing properties of all of the crystals on the necklace and they send the energy all around you.


Angelite strengthens your connection to Angels, your Guardian Angel and the Angelic Realms. It helps communication, calms and soothes your emotions and helps grief. It expands our awareness to the signs that Angels and our past loved ones send us.


Moonstone is good for wisdom, passion, change, intuition, new beginnings, insight and creativity. It brings good luck and offers protection when traveling. Moonstone helps all female issues, sensitivity, letting go, constipation and it brings compassion.

Reiki Infused

Angelite, Moonstone, DT Quartz Necklace

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