Apophyllite Cluster with Stilibite

4.5 inches by 2 inches

Apophyllite is wonderful for enhancing meditation.

It is a very high vibe crystal that brings high vibrations of light that soothe feelings of anxiety, fear and worry. This powerful but gentle crystal eases your mind during times of stress. It awakens your mind to the beauty and magic of the world. Apophyllite can also clear the energy in a room. It enhances visions and healing work and is a wonderful crystal to have close by you if give psycic, mediumship or tarot readings.


Stilibite is commonly found hanging out with Apophyllite. It has loving energy and fills whatever environment it is in with joy, passionate and uplifing feelings. It connects your heart chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra and enhances psychic abilities.

Reiki Infused

Apophyllite Cluster with Stilbite

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