AquamarineTree of Life Orgonite Pendulume Necklace

on 20 inch silver plated chain

These Aquamarine Organite Necklaces are so powerful and can be used as a pendulum too. They are filled with Aquamarine chips, metals and a Quartz Point.

Wonderful for protecting your personal energy, tuning into your intuition and they carry all of the wonderful healing properties of Aquamarine.


Aquamarine is good for the brain and intellect. It helps meditation,communication, spiritual awareness and blocks in the Chakras. It helps swollen glands, water retention, swelling, eyesight and kidneys.


Orgonite cleanses negative energy., purifies the air, improves sleep and dreams, reduces stress and increses energy. It helps plants fluorish ( when placed near them), boosts your immune system and even reduces electromagnetic pollution.

Reiki Infused

Aquamarine Tree Of Life Orgonite Pendulum Necklace

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