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Matte Blue Apatite, Howlite and Clear Quartz Necklace

Measures 26 inches without pendant

with pendant 32 inches

Hand knotted, Pendant is Blue Jasper

Blue Apatite balances all of the Chakras and calms the Throat Chakra. It is a fabulous crystal for healers, teachers, writers, presenters, actors, singers and performers. It helps us see "the truth". Apatite boosts psychic abilities, past life recall and meditation. It helps arthritis, and weight loss.


Howlite helps us reach our goals. It calms anger and helps us release anger through healthy conversation. It is great for aches and pains, teeth and bones.


Clear Quartz brings happines and re-energizes you. It enhances the healing properties of all other crystals. It is known as the Master Healer because it can help any ailment.


Jasper lifts you up when you feel down

Reiki Infused

Blue Apatite, Howlite and Clear Quartz Necklace

SKU: Blue Apatite, howlite, quartz Neck
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