Calligraphy Script Large Merkaba

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Merkaba means ( light-spirit-body)

Working with these beautiful, powerful Sacred Geometric shapes during meditation or energy work activates light and protection around your body that transports your consciousness to higher dimensions. The energy light and protection actually will extend out many feet around you. 

The Merkaba is the divine light energy used by the Ascended Masters to connect to those in tune with it

The Merkaba has deep spiritual meaning. It consists of two interlocked tetrahedrons united in the harmony of a single form. This form combines opossing energies into perfect balance, masculine and feminine, and spirit and earth.


Calligraphy Script is made up of Hematite and fossilized Shells. It helps you access higher knowledge and guidance. Its a great stone for moving forward, traveling, and calming emotions. It helps connect your Solar Plexus Chakra with your Third Eye Chakra letting you access your hidden powers.

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Calligraphy Script Large Merkaba

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