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Carnelian and Sunstone Long beaded Pi Stone Necklace

This lovely Beaded Necklace measures 32 inches


Carnelian brings energy and focus. A wonderful crystal for students and live performers,  It helps memory and self-esteem, brings vitality, compassion, courage and personal power. It helps appetite and eating disorders, asthma, hayfever, colds, bronchitis, gallbladder, liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, thyroid and spine.


Sunstone brings abundance and vitality. It boosts your strength and energy. It is good for feet, spins, throat, ulcers, fears, stress and even offers protection when carried or worn.

Reiki Infused


Carnelian and Sunstone Long Beaded Pi Stone Necklace

SKU: Carnelian and Sunstone Long Beaded Pi Ne
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