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Chrysoprase, Goldstone and Hematite Peacock necklace

31 inches with pendant

Chrysoprase is good for general health and healing. It helps you see through mental fog. It helps the spleen, heart and fertility. Brings self-acceptance and acceptance of others. Chrysoprase is wonderful for helping anxiety, depression, fears, stress, broken heart, judgemental attitudes and neurotic pattens.


Goldstone strengthens your inner self and boosts your confidence. It is a great stone for the circulatiry system, easing the pain from arthritis and reducing inflammation. The Golden flecks are copper.


Hematite brings strength and courage, calms anxiety and panic attacks and keeps you grounded

Reiki Infused

Chrysoprase Goldstone and Hematite Peacock Necklace

SKU: chrysoprase and goldstone peacock
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