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Dalmatian Stone and Black Onyx Necklace Set

Necklace measures 20 inches and has a beutiful Agate Pendant 

Gold plated chain inbetween beaded Dalmation Stone and Onyx.

Earrings to match beading

Dalmatian Stone protects us from physical danger. It helps learning and achieving goals. It's good for relationships, happiness and balancing yin/yang energy. It soothes nerves, muscle sprains and cramps.

Black Onyx is a protection stone. How perfect the Raven will watch over you and keep you safe ohysically, emotionally and spiritually.  Black Onyx is good for decision-making and brings luck and happiness to the home. It helps you take charge of situations, balances your yin/yang energy, helps lack of self-control and soothes grief.

Black Onyx also helps feet issues and bone marrow.

Reiki Infused

Dalmatian Stone and Black Onyx Necklace Set

SKU: Dalmatian stone and Onyx Necklace Set
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