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EMF Energy Protection Bracelets

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Made with Shungite and Fluorite 

Protecting your energy against EMF radiation from computers, cell phones, TV's etc. is crucial these days. Harmful vibrations and electromagnetic smog can be the cause of many unhealthyphysical, mental and spiritual ailments.


This bracelet has Shungite and Fluorite working as a super strong team to block electromagnetic smog and radiation. Wearing this bracelet daily and cleansing it regularly is recommended.


Shungite is a powerful stone that helps you evolve spiritually. It restores emotional balance and shields the wearer from negativity of any kind. It removes negative energiesand purifies the body, blocks EMF and removes toxins. It infuses your energy field with light allowing only positive energy in. It is an antioxidant that promotes health on all levels.


Fluorite is a fabulous stone for learning, study and focus. It also builds up your immune system against colds, coughs and flu. Keep one by your bedside to boost your immune system!

Reiki Infused


*Easiest way to cleanse, is to place on a piece of selenite or selenite plate at night and /or burn sage around the beads regularly.

EMF Energy Protection Bracelets

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