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The Home Cleansing Kit is a wonderful kit filled with lots of energy cleansing goodies. Perfect for a new home or housewarming gift or if you just want to cleanse the energy and brighten up your space.

A 16 oz glass jar fiilled with:

4 inch Sage stick

3 Palo Santo Sticks

3-4 inch Rough Selenite Wand

1 Mini  brass bell

1  Mini Buddha Statue 

Each Buddha is different, some are sitting, some are standing. 

You choose Gold or Burgandy 

! white Candle

1 silver or gold candle holder

( silver comes with Burgandy Buddha kit)

(Gold comes with Gold Buddha Kit)

1 Smudging Prayer Card

1 Directions Scroll


Home Cleansing Kit

SKU: hcl24
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