Kyanite Kunzite and Charoite Bracelet

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Oooh the high vibe energy of these gorgeous stones together feels divine.

This bracelet works wonders on the heart,  throat and crown chakras, enhancing your connection with the spirit realms.

This bracelet is made of smooth natural rough high vibration stones with a clear quartz bead to enhance this amazing energy.


Kyanite is good for perseverence, mental stamina, singing voice and communication. It helps throat, glands and neurological system. It brings calm and tranquility, aligns all of the Chakras and is useful in sacred ceremonies. It is good for psychic awareness, psychic abilities, dream recall and connecting with spirit guides.


Kunzite surrounds you with loving energy in all areas of your life. It helps you heal emotional problems as you release negative feelings, panic and fears. It helps depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and stops hectic thoughts. It is good for the immune system, the circulatory system and the heart.


Charoite is a stone of transformation. It has this amazing power of cleansing your Aura and Chakras and transmuting the negative energy into healing. It helps us overcome obstacles and make important decisions easily. It brings deep emotional healing and boosts our intuition and psychic gifts.

Reiki Infused

Kyanite, Kunzite and Charoite Bracelet

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