Matte Aquamarine, Quartz and Moonstone Pendulum Necklace

This beauty measures 34 inches without pendulum

and with pendulum 38 inches

Pendulum is a preety Moonstone and works wonderfully

Moonstone is good for wisdom, passion, change, intuition, new beginnings, insight and creativity. It brings good luck and offers protection when traveling. Moonstone helps all female issues, sensitivity, letting go, constipation and it brings compassion.

Hand Knotted, This necklace has Pretty gold and blue accent beads.

Aquamarine is good for the brain and intellect. It helps meditation,communication, spiritual awareness and blocks in the Chakras. It helps swollen glands, water retention, swelling, eyesight and kidneys.

Clear Quartz brings happines and re-energizes you. It enhances the healing properties of all other crystals. It is known as the Master Healer because it can help any ailment.

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Matte Aquamarine, Quartz and Moonstone Pendulum Necklace

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