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Rubellite Heart

This rare beauty measures 3 inches across

Rubellite is one of the best stones that you can use since it can bring energies of vitality as well as strength. When other people always rely on you or you have a busy life, this stone can also help you a lot.

Furthermore, Rubellite can offer you a limitless supply of drive, enthusiasm, and motivation. When this stone is accompanied by a crystal of confidence, Rubellite will bring the energy of love and passion. As a matter of fact, when you have this stone with you, you’ll do the things that you love and love the things that you’re doing.

With Rubellite, you will also find out your passion for various things. On the other hand, this stone signifies a type of love that goes deeper. It’ll also increase the drift of life force energies.

Reiki Infused


SKU: Rubellite Heart
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