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Sunstone and Goldstone Hand Knotted Pendulum Necklace

8mm Matte Sunstone beads and Goldstone Beads, with Goldstone Pi Stone ?Donut and Sunstone pendulum Pendant

27 1/2 inches

Sunstone has a gentle, loving energy. Sunstone brings abundance and vitality. It boosts your strength and energy. It is good for feet, spins, throat, ulcers, fears, stress and even offers protection when carried or worn.

Goldstone strengthens your inner self and boosts your confidence. It is a great stone for the circulatiry system, easing the pain from arthritis and reducing inflammation. The Golden flecks are copper.

Reiki Infused 


Sunstone& Goldstone Hand Knotted pendulum Necklace

SKU: Sunstone & Goldstone HK Pendulum Necklac
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